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Recorded on the walls of a decrepit boathouse on Emory Cove (see photograph) is a history of regattas with the dates and names of the victorious and their boats dating from 1899. This small group of youths comprised what was then known as the "Corsica Yacht Club," the precursor to the present day CRYC. A yacht club reminiscent of "Spanky and Our Gang," it was created by local youths to provide a bit of racing fun on the Corsica.
We have continued in that tradition: a club of volunteers, many of whom were CRYC youths, dedicated to making the sailing experience available to the youth of Queen Anne's County. Between the CYC and CRYC, over a hundred years of youth sailing has taken place on Spaniard's Neck; and we've done it without a club house!
CYC boathouse on Emory Cove dated 1899 with the names of their boats: "Flying Dutchman," "Elnora," "Apache," "Island Queen." Members were L. Carter, '99, '00, '01, '02; W. Carter '99,'02; A. Harlow; R. Emory. The boathouse was destroyed during Hurricane Isabel in 2003.


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